eDocHeath was made modular to be cost effective and provide flexibility in terms of getting what you need.  eDocHealth is made of one mandatory module eDocHealth Base and four optional modules eForms, Task Manager, Document Search, and ePrescription:

e-Doc Health Base
  • Remote access and sharing of administrative and clinical documents throughout the office, the hospital, satellite locations or even the physicians’ homes.
  • Batch scanning using barcode technology allows users to scan and route documents to the proper folder quickly. 
  • Automatically detects and eliminates blank document sheets
  • Queue mechanism can automatically route transcriptions, lab results as well as audio and images files (.i.e. DICOM) to the proper folder.
  • Support review and sign-off on documents such as charts, transcriptions, flow sheets, lab results etc
  • Customizable user-defined settings for drawer and folder generation.
  • HIPAA Security compliance assures privacy of patient information through audit reports and access security mechanism.
  • Remote scanning allows satellite offices to send data to host system electronically
  • Can manage many digital file formats for viewing such as PDF, Microsoft Office documents, TIFF, JPEG, DICOM and audio  such as MP3, WAVE etc …
  • Integrated electronic faxing, email, print, CD/DVD generation
  • Patients can be checked-in ahead of time for quick find.
  • Open architecture allows for easy HL7 interfaces to other solutions such as Practice Management software, Electronic Medical Records software and PACS.
  • Supports document and image annotation
  • Ability to print, Fax, email, and burn CD/DVD
  • Users screens made simple by being customized for various users such as administrative staff, provider, or billing staff.
  • Can interface to a number of Practice Management, EMR software and some radiology equipment through HL7 interfaces.

  • Through customization eDocHealth can support electronic versions of your current forms (eForms) or newly created forms.such as vital sign, flow sheets, progress notes …  
  • eForms can be complete online by typing or writing using your TabletPC digital pen. 
  • Decrease costs previously attributed to pre-printed forms.  
  • Auto-fill with demographic data eliminates unnecessary manual labor formally spent completing pre-set information.

Task Manager
  • The Task Manager supports appointment reminders, messages between staff, orders, pending charts, test results review and sign-off. Navigate easily from messages to pending charts to test results and back.
  • Auto-tasking provides clinical workflow capability to improve efficiency and streamline communication.
Document Search

Billing and administrative staff within physician practices want a solution that increases staff efficiency, productivity and patient satisfaction, all while reducing operational costs.  They want the ability to easily track payments and EOBs.

eDocHealth Search module is an effective way to meet those needs by automating document capture and search, reducing various administrative duties and eliminating paper.  eDocHealth Search does this by performing optical character recognition (OCR) processing and advanced indexing after documents are captured.   As a result, it provides the ability to locate data or documents quickly through multiple search criteria or simple keyword searches.


Physicians and their staff spend hours pulling charts and verifying information. However, more importantly, there are consistently issues with the safety of the prescribing process as medication errors result in thousands of deaths annually.

With ePrescription physicians can securely and quickly prescribe, check for drug interactions, access medical histories and review drug reference information. ePrescription connects directly to the pharmacy, eliminating faxing and electronically exchanging prescription data, including refill authorizations.


  • Reduces pharmacy call-backs
  • Increases patient safety
  • Checking of insurance formularies
  • Automated prescription refill processing
  • Provides decision support
  • Enhance patient prescription communication with pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers
  • Increases prescription accuracy

eDocHealth was developed using the latest Microsoft .NET and J2EE technologies allowing for a highly reliable, scalable and secure solution.